Moving to a new house should be an exciting change, but sometimes the task of transporting all of your furniture and belongings can make the whole experience more stressful than fun. Luckily, Nashville has plenty of resources available to make your move as seamless as possible.

In response to the local real estate market’s constant activity, moving companies are cropping up left and right throughout the city. With so many options, it can be tough to make the best choice. If you’re currently on the hunt for reliable movers, keep reading for a list of some of Nashville’s top-rated moving companies and some suggestions for narrowing down your search.

Check Online Ratings

If you’re ready to move, your first step should be to do a little online research and find out which of Nashville’s moving companies have the best ratings. While customer reviews are helpful, the Better Business Bureau offers comprehensive rankings and accreditation to the companies that meet their criteria.

According to their site, here are ten of the best moving companies that serve the Nashville area:

  • At Ease Moving Service
  • Remarkable Movers & Deliveries
  • Eagle Moving Service
  • True Friends Moving Company
  • Strong Men Moving Company
  • 6th Man Movers
  • Master Movers
  • Music City Movers
  • All My Sons Moving & Storage of Nashville
  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

If you’re new to the area or you haven’t needed moving services before, online ratings from credible institutions can take the place of traditional referrals and connections. In addition to rankings and customer reviews, the BBB even tracks customer complaints and displays how the company resolved them.


Research Qualifications & Services

After you get a sense of what’s out there, do a little reading about the top-rated companies and see which qualifications they hold. Ideally, you’ll want to hire movers that are properly licensed and insured to transport your stuff. If you need their services for an interstate move, these protective measures are especially important.

Further, you’ll need to identify which services you need and which companies shine in those areas. You may need a local or long-distance mover, a specialty mover for large or delicate furniture pieces, or even a mover that also offers storage. While all of the aforementioned companies are highly rated and BBB-approved, some of them will be better than others for your particular job.

Get Multiple Estimates

Once you get an idea of which companies are best for your specific needs, you’ll need to narrow them down by comparing the price of their services. You can request a quote early on in your research process for a general idea of their pricing and fees, but you can’t be sure of your total expense before getting an in-person estimate.

As a general rule, it is recommended that you get estimates from at least three companies before settling on one to hire. This not only allows you to hold out for the best price, but it also gives you the opportunity to get professional insight into your needs.

Some movers may complete jobs differently or offer different services to better protect your furniture and your home from moving damage, so getting an idea of what you’d be paying for may help you make your decision. After all, you just made a huge house purchase–you’ll want to conserve your funds and keep your new home looking beautiful for as long as possible.

Whether you’re making a big interstate move or simply upgrading to a different home, the right moving company can make your transition vastly easier and safer. Nashville’s recent influx of residents has prompted movers to amp up their offerings and practices to meet demand and compete within the crowded market, leaving you plenty of great options to choose from! Don’t forget to book a move in/move out cleaning for your new home.