After deciding that you’d like to move to Nashville, you likely did a bit of research into the local housing market and realized just how competitive it is! Homes are selling faster than ever for surprisingly high prices, making the Nashville home buying experience a bit more overwhelming than you may have expected.

That said, Nashville is a wonderful city with a lot of great housing opportunities if you know where to look and how to weigh your options. Keep reading for six house hunting tips that will help you find a space that suits your preferences and your resources.

Check Your Finances

Purchasing a home is a huge financial undertaking. Before you start looking at new homes to buy, you should be able to estimate how much you’ll be able to put down on a new house and how much you can afford to spend on monthly mortgage payments. You will also need to factor in the cost of living in a booming city like Nashville, which can add significantly to your monthly expenses.

Focus on Timing

With Nashville’s housing market in its current state, homes are listed and sold in the blink of an eye. For this reason, you’ll need to manage the sale of your current home and the buying process of your new place differently than you might have in the past.

To be a competitive buyer, you’ll need to be confident in your budget and purchase plan so that you can put in an offer as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may miss your chance to secure a great home.

Differentiate Between Wants & Needs

After you have a budget in mind, you can start narrowing down which features are absolutely essential for your new space. While some space-related features will be necessary to fit the needs of your family, you may have to compromise or give up others to keep your search within budget.

For instance, you may need to prioritize the most useful features–like bedrooms and a spacious kitchen–over other features like a swimming pool or extra storage space.

Hire a Realtor

Once you have your budget and preferences sorted out, seek out a realtor’s help to ensure your best chance at scoring your ideal home. A realtor can help find homes that suit the criteria you’ve determined, set up viewings and communicate with sellers, and help you negotiate the best deals.

Realtors have connections that can help you get ahead in a competitive market like Nashville’s. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their resources!

Research Neighborhoods

Nashville is a big city with plenty of options, so you should do your research on which neighborhoods are right for you. Know which neighborhoods have your preferred amenities so you can be on the lookout for openings in those areas. Think about school zones, commute times, shopping and recreation opportunities, and even HOA costs when you narrow down your options.

Be Open to Alternatives

While the entire city of Nashville is experiencing an increased demand for housing, some neighborhoods are harder to get into than others. Try not to get your heart set on one area or one house in the event that it doesn’t work out. If living in or near Nashville is your biggest priority, you’re sure to find a great home in due time if you’re flexible and persistent.

You may need to broaden the scope of your search, make a few more compromises on home features, or even start looking into options that didn’t initially appeal to you. After all, you can always make improvements to a home with potential.

The Nashville housing market may be daunting, but smart buying strategies will always pay off. With these tips and a little patience, you’ll be able to manage your Nashville home search with ease and find a space that checks all of your boxes! Don’t forget to book your move in cleaning before your stuff arrives at your new home.