Everybody loves a glamorous looking bathroom! For some of us, designing a beautiful bathroom is a special experience that we look forward to whenever the opportunity arises.

Some of us have lived through annoying bathroom experiences growing up, and we truly appreciate the sanctity of experiencing a peaceful bathroom now that we are older. And we will do everything that we can to make our bathroom look and feel incredible.

Are you about to embark on a wonderful bathroom renovation journey? If so, we’ve got some tips that will make your bathroom look absolutely amazing.

5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Amazing!

Are you ready to make your bathroom look amazing? The following five tips will help make your dream a reality.

They include:

  •        Choosing the right theme for your decor – when it comes to choosing decor for a bathroom, you have to figure out which type matches your style and needs on a personal level. Would you love a minimalist bathroom? Do you want your bathroom to bring out a feeling of zen? Or do you prefer large bathrooms with huge vanity mirrors? Figure out which style appeals to you the most ahead of time before making any renovations or alterations.
  •        Choosing the perfect color scheme – your bathroom should be a place that you find relaxing and soothing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it any way that you desire! If you want to have loud, bright, and bold colors, then we say go for it! If you like colorful wallpaper, then add it to the room. If you prefer neutral colors like blues, grays, and pinks, then choosing between these colors is how you should paint your bathroom. Just choose a color scheme that feels right for you and you can’t go wrong.
  •        Change your hardware – if you currently have hardware in your bathroom that doesn’t quite work with your new design plans, feel free to swap it out for something that is more to your liking. The modern pieces that Maestrobath offers are an excellent option. If you prefer an overhead rain shower as opposed to a traditional shower head, then indulge yourself and enjoy your new fixtures. The options are literally endless, so switch out your hardware and make changes so that your newly renovated bathroom looks and feels the way you want it to.
  •        Glam up your lighting – getting bathroom lighting right is often tricky. Cleaning it could potentially be a chore. And safety is also another issue. Consult with an electrician before finding the perfect lighting fixtures for your bathroom. When you do discover the right fixtures, make sure they are as glamorous as you’ve always hoped they would be.
  •        Add artwork in the mix – to really make your bathroom look beautiful and glamorous, putting gorgeous artwork within is an excellent first step. Find inspiring paintings and hang them up in your stunning new lavatory. Additionally, if you own an embroidery machine, you can purchase inexpensive white towels or wash clothes and monogram them, giving a swanky custom feel to your bathroom. Not only will the room look better, but you’ll feel better after creating this amazing space.


Making your bathroom look glamorous is easier than ever. Use these tips to glam up your bathroom in no time at all.


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Lauren Webber

Lauren is a mommy, lover of sweets, and a voracious writer on her blog – Dainty Mom. You can find her taking selfies with her daughter Eve, running with her dog Taffy or doing head stands.



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