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You have enough to do while moving. Let us do the cleaning.


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Professional Move In/Out Cleaning

Cleaning professionals will know the best product and equipment to get the job done. Our team of trained experts will clean your home thoroughly and efficiently.

We use only quality equipment and cleaning products. Our clients love our eco-friendly options which work great without strong chemical odors.

Spend your free time with your family or with your friends, let us do the dirty work.

Professional and Timely Move In/ Move Out Cleaning Services

Have you just moved out and need to clean everything from top to bottom? We understand that moving is exhausting. Call us and we will take care of it while you enjoy your new home. Maybe you are moving into your new home, but don’t want to see evidence of the previous occupants? We will get it ready for you!

When you move out of a a home, there are often areas that were behind large furniture or forgotten in a dark corner. This can amount to years of dust and dirt buildup. Our top to bottom move out cleaning service will find and clean common trouble area, in addition to the items that are included in our standard house cleaning service.

Move In/Out Vs Standard House Cleaning

In addition to standard area, we often find that items such as the stove, microwave, and other appliances. Since a move in/move out cleaning often includes those items along with closets, extended surface cleaning, and baseboard cleaning do require extra time, this service requires a small upcharge, which you will notice when booking your cleaning.

While we can’t guarantee it, most people who hire us for a move out cleaning do get their deposits back, which could amount to thousands of dollars saved with a thorough cleaning. One area that we cannot help with currently is carpet cleaning. If your need carpet cleaning as part of your move out cleaning service, you will need to coordinate a carpet cleaning service in addition to our services.

Whether you are moving out and need a deep cleaning to satisfy your landlord or you are moving in and need the whole house to be cleaned and sanitized for your family, the Tidy TN move in/ move out cleaning service is exactly what your need.

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