Have you been noticing extra water spots on dishes and buildup around your kitchen and bathroom fixtures after use? Nashville is known for having hard water, so you may experience these issues more often here than you would in other cities. As one of Nashville’s top house cleaning services, we deal with plenty of hard water cleanup!

Thankfully, there are plenty of easy and safe ways to clean and prevent hard water stains on the hardware and glass in your home. Keep reading for some informative tips on how to handle Nashville’s hard water and keep your home looking spotless!

What is hard water?

Hard water is simply water with a higher concentration of dissolved minerals, namely calcium and magnesium. The U.S. Geological Survey measures the hardness of water on a scale from soft, which would contain lower amounts of minerals, to hard, with a few levels in between.

Nashville’s water is considered moderately hard on the USGS scale, which is why spots and stains appear more often. Because Tennessee’s soil contains a significant amount of limestone, fixtures and surfaces can even accumulate limescale buildup over time.

While hard water spots and buildup can be unsightly and even cause damage to your pipes and fixtures, there are plenty of ways to remedy these effects.

How do you remove or prevent hard water spots?

nashville house cleaning tFor new Nashville homeowners who haven’t dealt with hard water before, these problems can be a major nuisance. Luckily, there are some really simple cleaning solutions and preventative measures available to keep your hard surfaces looking clean.

Acidic Cleaners vs. Alkaline Minerals

After reading a little about the science behind hard water, you’ll be able to counter your hard water problem with the right cleaning products to get the best results. Since the minerals that cause hard water are alkaline, you’ll need to use acidic cleaners to remove them effectively.

You can purchase cleaning products at your local grocery store that contain strong enough chemicals to cut through tough mineral buildup. Sulfuric, phosphoric, and hydrochloric acids can do the job, but they are highly toxic and may cause damage to some of the surfaces in your home.

If you’d prefer to use safer methods, opt for natural cleaning solutions instead. You can put together some potent homemade cleaning mixtures with common ingredients that many homeowners already have. For instance, you can scour surfaces with a mixture of salt and water to scrub away tough water stains or even use a gentler acidic solution of vinegar, lemon juice, and water to break down buildup.

Protect Your Surfaces & Treat Your Water

nashville maid service removes hard water

If you’re struggling to keep your glass and other surfaces clear, you may want to look into ways to prevent future hard water stains from forming. For example, you can be more diligent about protecting tables and countertops with coasters and mats that will keep spills to a minimum. In the bathroom, you can wipe down wet surfaces after use to prevent pooling water and collecting minerals from drying onto your fixtures. You may even want to coat glass shower doors with a waxy treatment to encourage water to bead and drip off.

If these measures still prove unhelpful or you’d like a more permanent fix, try treating your water. You can purchase a water softener or filter that attaches to your home’s water supply and removes mineral ions before your water is used. In a city like Nashville, this could be a worthwhile investment for your new home.

If you’re struggling to keep your surfaces clear of hard water spots and buildup, take these tips into account and you’ll be able to enjoy your Nashville home with no worries!